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Waistbeads by Balebe

About Us

Journeys through Life Rites of Passage for Girls

Rites of Passage

Balebe is committed to preserving cultural traditions. Our Journeys through Life Rites of Passage program is a 5 month long program created to support healthy transitions in to adulthood for youth aged 9-14 years of age.  

Balebe Beading Studio Hartford, CT

Beading studio Hartford, CT

We believe in the restorative power of creativity! At our studio we have the largest collection of seed beads in the Hartford area! Our collection includes beads of all shapes, colors, sizes in a variety of finishes. We offer workshops and are also open for private parties and events.  

Our Creative Team


We are makers and artists, committed to the transformative power of art.  Our name "Balebe" was inspired by our founder, Bahati Akao Lett Benjamin. Bahati started creating jewelry as a child and her specialty is waistbeads. She is also a mathematician and believes that the balance of analytical and artistic elements is a part of our cultural DNA. To check out Bahati's mathematical venture visit:!

color symbolism

The power of color

The meaning of different colors can vary greatly between cultures and regions. For example, in China red symbolizes good luck, whereas in the Western hemisphere red is commonly associated with the heart, love and passion. 

However, we have summarized a list of symbolism associated with common colors. Keep in mind that hue also impacts the way that our brains respond to color. These color explanations will assist you in designing your next waistbeads!